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About Dr. Christiane Siebert, DACM

Christiane Siebert is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine who likes to explore the myriad ways in which we can use integrative holistic medicine to enrich our lives.

Whole Foods Are Your Friend

Thinking about food for many people means thinking about their weight, but there’s so much more to it. Our eating habits are deeply engrained and not easy to change. Clearly, food plays a central role in our lives and wellbeing. We now know that almost all chronic diseases are in some form or shape related [...]

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Be Comfortable During Your Pregnancy

From conception to birth a lot of changes occur in your body while your baby is growing and getting ready to meet you. Many women are feeling great throughout most of their pregnancy, some experience minor twinges, yet quite a few develop discomforts at different times that can really take the joy out of this [...]

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What Is Functional Medicine and Why Does It Make Sense?

In recent years health care systems in the United States and other industrialized countries have been faced with unprecedented challenges caused by chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and autoimmune conditions that are poorly addressed by the conventional model of heroic medicine, an approach that proved successful in the fight against infectious diseases [...]

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Natural Relief For Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Don’t be embarrassed or argue with your friend or partner if they tell you that you snore heavily and your breathing stops intermittently while you’re asleep. Most people with these kinds of sleeping issues don’t know it until someone else brings it to their attention, so you should thank them. Your tip-off may be sleepiness [...]

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Planning to Grow Your Family?

You’ve found your mate, you’ve decided it’s the right time to start trying, you’ve stopped your oral contraceptives—you’re ready! Well, not so fast. Rising numbers of couples find that conceiving and carrying pregnancy to term are not as easy as they thought. Maybe you’ve already been trying for several months or even experienced the loss [...]

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy

No one’s going to live forever, but we all want to live as long as possible while in good health. You may be fatalistic and think that it’s all in your genes—nothing you can do about that! That’s actually only half the story. How we live our lives has a big impact on our health [...]

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Birth Coach and Ally: Your Doula

Many expectant parents are now engaging a doula as childbirth approaches. This can be a great choice, especially for first-time mothers or those without local family support. So, what’s a doula? Doulas are coaches A doula is a professionally trained birth coach. Most doulas are women who have given birth themselves and have also attended [...]

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Integrative Approaches to Chronic Lyme

If you live anywhere in the Northeast and have ever been outdoors, in the meadows, woods or just your backyard, you’ve probably been bitten by ticks, mosquitos or flies. You may not have noticed it. Many of these critters carry a range of microbes that they can transmit to animals, including humans. Some people develop [...]

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It Takes Two: Considering Male Fertility

The saying “It takes two to tango” rings especially true when it comes to natural conception. Many couples trying to conceive without success initially wonder if the answer may be found in the woman’s reproductive health. It turns out that in approximately 30% of couples unable to fall pregnant this is due to male factor [...]

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PCOS and Pregnancy

Contrary to what your gynecologist may have told you, having a baby is often not as easy if you were diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS for short. To begin with, a large percentage of women in our country manifest with signs and symptoms of PCOS. However, not all cases look the same or [...]

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