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Christiane Siebert is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine who likes to explore the myriad ways in which we can use integrative holistic medicine to enrich our lives.

Keep Your Kids Healthy—Naturally (Part 2)

From birth to adolescence, our children go through many complex stages in their physical and psycho-emotional development. They respond to their immediate environment and the larger world according to their genetic endowment and the support they receive from their caregivers. Along the way, children experience adaptive challenges that they express through a wide range of [...]

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Keep Your Kids Healthy—Naturally (Part 1)

Every child will soon or later have a cold or tummy ache. Most of these episodes are not all that serious but they can make you and your child feel miserable enough to look for help. In Germany many pediatricians are interested in avoiding pharmaceutical drugs, such as antibiotics, when a young patient visits. In [...]

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Can You Nip Seasonal Allergies in the Bud?

Seasonal allergies are a bane for many people, both in cities and the countryside. Their symptoms include red, itchy eyes, hives, hoarseness, runny nose, recurrent sinusitis and headaches. About 10-30% of the population develop hay fever, also known as allergic rhinitis. Almost 80% of asthmatics also experience rhinitis. Allergy sufferers are at a three times [...]

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It’s Crystal Clear: We Need Salt, Not Sugar

Have you been told by your physician to reduce your salt consumption? The conventional wisdom that salt contributes to hypertension has been perpetuated for decades by the medical community, government bodies and American Heart Association guidelines—without much compelling evidence to support it. The United States and, to a lesser degree, other industrialized countries have been [...]

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Suffering From Headaches and Migraines? Try Acupuncture

I’ve had only a few rare migraines and the occasional mild headache over the years, so I consider myself lucky. But several close friends and family members have struggled with severe migraines for many years and are still searching for the holy grail of relief. Headaches and migraines are often the reason why people seek [...]

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Myofascial Release Restores Your Inner Communication

You may think the worldwide web is complicated, but have you thought about the complex web inside your body called fascia? Our bones, muscles, nerves, blood vessel, organs and the brain would all just collapse into an unsightly pile of mush if it weren’t for the fascia suspending and holding all these structures in their [...]

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Can Hormonal Birth Control Affect My Fertility?

The hormonal birth control pill became available in 1960 and helped create a revolution in industrialized countries by enabling women to control if and when they will have babies. Certainly, doctors, researchers and patients initially came under tremendous pressure (and some spent time in jail) for something that gave women more say over their fertility, [...]

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Find Your Personal Stress Busters

You know it when you’re stressed. You just don’t feel like your best self. Stress is not what’s going on in your life but how you respond to it, consciously or unconsciously. That’s why we also call it the stress response. Hans Selye, a physician and professor at McGill University, who was born in Vienna [...]

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Shaolin Secrets for the Modern Warrior

Growing interest in the martial arts has been accompanied by curiosity about Chinese sports medicine, and the healing power of Shaolin treatments for traumatic injuries, both acute and chronic, is no longer a secret. In China, the official practice of Chinese medicine was reduced to internal medicine during the 20th century, mostly for political reasons [...]

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What Does It Take to Get Pregnant?

Some may laugh at the question, but for many couples wishing to have a child this is serious business. We usually put considerable effort into preventing pregnancy so that we sometimes forget that conception is not the automatic consequence of intercourse. In fact, millions of couples in the United States attempt to become pregnant each [...]

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