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Dr. Christiane Siebert, DACM


Christiane Siebert is a board-certified Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine with over fifteen years’ experience practicing integrative holistic medicine in New York City. She is a licensed acupuncturist and clinical herbalist in New York and New Jersey, and a licensed naturopathic physician in Germany. A graduate of Pacific College in New York and San Diego, she also holds post-doctoral certification in clinical homeopathy from the CEDH.

Dr. Siebert focuses on women’s reproductive health, chronic conditions including persistent Lyme, pain management, sports injury rehabilitation, stress relief, and emotional wellness. She offers natural approaches to fertility, pregnancy and perinatal care, to relieving menstrual irregularities or perimenopausal symptoms, and to supporting women with cancer and metabolic, endocrine or autoimmune disorders.


Serenity Health Arts is a center for integrative holistic medicine in Midtown Manhattan, founded by Dr. Christiane Siebert in 2007. We offer a thoughtful selection of drug-free treatment strategies to help you regain and retain your good health naturally. Our supportive approach is focused on empowering you to implement useful lifestyle changes for long-lasting health and wellness. Eastern and Western natural traditions are intricately interwoven to sustain you on your personal journey towards a more balanced and joyful life.

Since November 2020, we have been offering our full array of services at Poughkeepsie Integrative Health, our satellite office in the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York. You can request an appointment using our contact form below.

We continue to provide naturopathic consultations via TeleHealth to our New Jersey patients. Please use the contact form below to schedule your next appointment.

Dr. Christiane Siebert, DACM
Dr. Christiane Siebert, DACM


Patients are our focus. We care for women, men and children of all ages. Every one of our patients has his or her individual health challenges and goals. What unites them are their insight that a natural approach to healing can be a safer and more sustainable pathway to healing, and their desire to be an active partner on their journey to wellness. We aim to provide the best care available in the natural healing arts and to empower our patients to choose what’s right for them.

What Our Patients Say

“Christiane Siebert is by far and away the most knowledgeable and innovative practitioner I have met. She understands the nature of sports injuries and can create the right treatments in ways that go way beyond the ordinary therapist. Her ability to select and fine tune herbal prescriptions and her attention to the purity and correct preparation of those medications really set her apart. Her work is special and gives me a real edge in recovery.” – Ann R.

“My experience with Serenity Health Arts is very positive. I sought out Christiane Siebert for relief of hot flashes due to the on-set of menopause. She took a very thorough history of my health and lifestyle at our first meeting. Because I wasn’t too keen on acupuncture, she prescribed an herbal treatment that worked extraordinarily well for me. As my experience with menopause evolved, she was able to adjust the combination of herbs to suit my needs. Luckily, this practitioner understands the body and the mind.” – Susan B.

“I would like to share my experience with Dr. Siebert and highly recommend acupuncture for anyone who is looking to relieve stress and get more relaxed. I started seeing Dr. Siebert for cosmetic acupuncture to increase rejuvenation but I quickly found that the treatments were affecting me in other ways as well. It was a great way to eliminate stress and make my body more balanced. It is a wonderful way to unwind and give yourself the rest and healing needed. At first I was hesitant about the needles, and it would hurt at times, but then I started to enjoy the deep relaxation and started seeing benefits and improvements in my overall health.” – Michelle F.

“I went to Serenity Health Arts when I was having acute back pain that made it difficult to walk. Christiane is very knowledgeable and took her time doing a holistic assessment of my condition. She offered both long term and short term solutions. With her expert acupuncture and use of Chinese herbs, I felt better within a week. We then began to work on long term issues including weight loss, posture and yoga. She really takes the time to know you, your issues and helps each person find what works for them. I am so grateful to know that she is there when and if I need her!” – Gregory T.

“Serenity Health Arts provides excellent, thorough, intelligent care. Several years ago I started experiencing perimenopausal symptoms (aka hot flashes). I wasn’t sleeping and felt exhausted, but wanted natural remedies, not hormones. After an initial consultation with Christiane Siebert, we started with a combination of acupuncture treatments and herb therapy. The acupuncture offered some relief. An added benefit was that it was very relaxing, which I hadn’t expected! And the herbs were even more effective. Under Christiane’s advisement I also modified my diet. For the past two years the hot flashes have been nearly gone and I’m sleeping through the night again. Each person responds differently to treatments – the key is to explore and adjust, and Serenity Health Arts offers options and support for doing just that. I’m thrilled with the care I receive and highly recommend Christiane Siebert and Serenity Health Arts.” – Pam F.

“Christiane Siebert provides a wealth of knowledge and always has just the wisdom I need to improve my health and well-being. I love my acupuncture treatment sessions. Immediately upon stepping into the Serenity Health Arts space I feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Christiane is attentive, compassionate, caring and thorough, which continues to keep me at ease. My treatments have helped to improve bouts of insomnia that I struggled with, reduce anxiety I was experiencing and also improve my digestion. I have recommended Christiane to my husband and friends, and they, too, have come back time and time again because of excellent service and the health benefits they have experienced from their treatments.” – Michele P.

“Christiane Siebert helped me conquer the chronic neck pain I had and also helped me re-balance my body. She really knows what she’s doing and customized each session to what my needs were. You’re definitely in good hands with Christiane!” – Kathy K.

“Two years ago I was prescribed a powerful medication for my pneumonia, which is known for its numerous side-effects, and within days began to develop swelling and pain in the bones of both feet. While my pneumonia was clearing up, the pain in my legs became worse and I ultimately experienced about fifty of the drug’s 130+ possible side-effects. The pain continued for months. I used to be a brisk walker covering at least 20 miles in a week. Now I could barely stand up and get to work. When a business colleague saw my effort she immediately suggested I try acupuncture and gave me Ms. Siebert’s number. I had no positive or negative expectations, but I was willing to try anything to help me cope. At the first of three sessions, Ms. Siebert placed 17 needles – of which I felt three. When the session was over, I took the subway home and stopped for a bite to eat about ¾ of a mile from home. As I strolled home, I realized I felt nothing – except very mellow. When I returned two weeks later for the second session, Ms. Siebert could not believe that I had such an immediate positive result. I now go back about every three months for a “tune up” because this medication is still in my system. I am a total convert and have given Ms. Siebert’s card to many people. If there’s a way to eliminate or reduce pain – why not give it a shot (no pun intended)?” – Greta J.

“Christiane Siebert is a consummate professional with a deep understanding of acupuncture, Chinese medicine and broader complementary medical techniques, including herbal therapy. In a series of acupuncture treatments in 2011 and 2012, back pain I was experiencing was dramatically eased. She also took the time to explain how the technique works, its benefits and limitations. She even recommended books, written in layman’s terms that help patients further understand the acupuncture process and philosophical differences between the Eastern and Western approaches to medicine. Her approach is holistic, so patients are fully informed about the roles that diet, exercise and other factors play in the recovery process to a healthier self. I highly recommend Christiane to anyone considering acupuncture or herbal therapy.” – Stephen M.

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