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Women’s Health in Midlife, Part 2: The Natural Approach

Just in case you’re still wondering: No, menopause is not a disease! The cessation of menstrual periods around the age of 50 is a natural process for women. Many, if not most women, are actually [...]

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Women’s Health in Midlife, Part 1: What’s Going On

It’s a hot topic for women and the people around them: What’s happening in midlife? Menopause! Women are usually so busy with careers, kids and care-taking that they don’t spend a whole lot of time [...]

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Not Feeling Like Yourself? It Could Be Your Thyroid

Have you been feeling more lethargic than usual? Sleeping poorly? Gaining weight? Feeling cold? These are just a few of the many manifestations of a poorly functioning thyroid. Let’s take a closer look. The thyroid [...]

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Treating Endometriosis With Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Women who experience pelvic pain are often diagnosed with endometriosis. Let’s get a better understanding of what endometriosis is, how it can affect your health and quality of life, what treatments are offered by mainstream [...]

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