From conception to birth a lot of changes occur in your body while your baby is growing and getting ready to meet you. Many women are feeling great throughout most of their pregnancy, some experience minor twinges, yet quite a few develop discomforts at different times that can really take the joy out of this journey.

Your obstetrician will be hesitant to prescribe any pharmaceutical drugs to you for relief because almost none of these medications have been clinically tested in pregnant women and are therefore not known to be safe during pregnancy. There is concern that a wide range of these pharmaceuticals may harm the fetus. As a result, treatment options in conventional medicine are rather limited, and women are often just told to wait it out. Fortunately, you have other safe choices.

Natural medicine offers you alternatives

We offer several different approaches rooted in Chinese medicine and naturopathy to support you during pregnancy and alleviate discomforts. A wide range of health concerns can be safely addressed with acupuncture. These include pain and functional disorders such as nausea & vomiting, ribside pain, neck and back pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, symphysis pubis pain, headaches, heartburn, constipation, fatigue and sleeping issues. Acupuncture is used to encourage the smooth flow of vital energy in your body so that it can function more efficiently. You often feel more relaxed and energized after your acupuncture treatment.
Acupuncture can be supplemented with heat or manual therapy such as moxibustion, tuina, perinatal massage and myofascial release. Other specialized techniques can help position your baby properly if it hasn’t turned on its own.

Botanical therapy during pregnancy

Another great approach to relieving pregnancy-related discomforts is Chinese phytotherapy. We use primarily herbal medicinals that are considered high-quality food stuffs that help regulate your digestion and boost your energy. These botanicals have been used in the East for hundreds of years to support women during pregnancy and prevent miscarriage. They can supplement appropriate nutritional changes to provide nourishment during pregnancy and beyond. Consider herbal therapy for nausea & vomiting, heartburn, indigestion, infections, anemia, edema or vaginal discharge & itching.

Homeopathy, a safe and effective choice

Particularly useful and appropriate for pregnant women and infants are homeopathic medicines. In contrast to pharmaceutical drugs and herbal remedies, homeopathic medicines do not contain measurable concentrations of molecules that could interfere with your body’s biochemistry. Homeopathic medicines are highly diluted and stimulate your regulatory systems energetically to provide symptom relief. They are particularly helpful for nausea & vomiting, heartburn, rashes, sleeping problems and anxiety.

For best results, ask a pro

Any of these treatment choices require thorough history taking and analysis of your health concerns before decisions are made. While homeopathic medicines are considered very safe, not knowing which medicine to choose according to your specific health picture may deprive you of effective treatment, so getting advice from a knowledgeable practitioner can make a difference.

If you are interested in using acupuncture or manual therapy for support and symptom relief during pregnancy, find a provider who specializes in treating women before, during and after pregnancy. Not only will such a practitioner already have experience with your health concerns but she will also know what precautions to observe to keep you and your baby safe.

Most women will benefit from integrative holistic treatment beyond childbirth, during their recovery and while breastfeeding. You may experience infections, mastitis, persistent uterine bleeding or pain, fatigue, night sweats and depression. Often, our therapies can help you on their own to get better, at other times they can be part of a team approach that includes your physician, midwife or therapist.

Learn more about your options before you actually need them so that you know what’s available should you need support. You can always contact us for more information.

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