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Women and girls experience health in unique ways. We navigate distinct phases during our lives, from menarche through menopause and beyond. Menarche, marked by the beginning of our menstrual periods, is the sign that our reproductive system is preparing for motherhood, while menopause marks the end of this phase in our lives, and we are no longer able to conceive naturally. We may encounter all kinds of health challenges, some that require medical intervention, others that will respond well to natural care. Choose from any of the articles in this category to learn more about different aspects of your health that can benefit from natural approaches.

Can Hormonal Birth Control Affect My Fertility?

The hormonal birth control pill became available in 1960 and helped create a revolution in industrialized countries by enabling women to control if and when they will have babies. Certainly, doctors, researchers and patients initially came under tremendous pressure (and some spent time in jail) for something that gave women more say over their fertility, [...]

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What Does It Take to Get Pregnant?

Some may laugh at the question, but for many couples wishing to have a child this is serious business. We usually put considerable effort into preventing pregnancy so that we sometimes forget that conception is not the automatic consequence of intercourse. In fact, millions of couples in the United States attempt to become pregnant each [...]

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Period Pain Is Not Normal

You had been looking forward to going on that bike ride, spending time at the family barbecue or watching a movie with your friend. Maybe you had just hoped to make it through your workday without distraction. But then you got your period and, along with it, pain that may range from dull & achy [...]

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Be Comfortable During Your Pregnancy

From conception to birth a lot of changes occur in your body while your baby is growing and getting ready to meet you. Many women are feeling great throughout most of their pregnancy, some experience minor twinges, yet quite a few develop discomforts at different times that can really take the joy out of this [...]

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Planning to Grow Your Family?

You’ve found your mate, you’ve decided it’s the right time to start trying, you’ve stopped your oral contraceptives—you’re ready! Well, not so fast. Rising numbers of couples find that conceiving and carrying pregnancy to term are not as easy as they thought. Maybe you’ve already been trying for several months or even experienced the loss [...]

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Birth Coach and Ally: Your Doula

Many expectant parents are now engaging a doula as childbirth approaches. This can be a great choice, especially for first-time mothers or those without local family support. So, what’s a doula? Doulas are coaches A doula is a professionally trained birth coach. Most doulas are women who have given birth themselves and have also attended [...]

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It Takes Two: Considering Male Fertility

The saying “It takes two to tango” rings especially true when it comes to natural conception. Many couples trying to conceive without success initially wonder if the answer may be found in the woman’s reproductive health. It turns out that in approximately 30% of couples unable to fall pregnant this is due to male factor [...]

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PCOS and Pregnancy

Contrary to what your gynecologist may have told you, having a baby is often not as easy if you were diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS for short. To begin with, a large percentage of women in our country manifest with signs and symptoms of PCOS. However, not all cases look the same or [...]

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Natural Relief for Anxiety and Depression

A wide spectrum of mood and anxiety disorders affects almost one in five adults in the United States every year, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (some experts think the number might be much higher). About two thirds or more of them do not receive treatment. Anxiety and depression come in many [...]

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Life after Birth

Expecting mothers these days, encouraged maybe by their friends or doula, create a birth plan while they are pregnant. If that’s true for you, are you also thinking about an after-birth plan? Currently, the spotlight is trained more on what to expect at your birth, and how to prepare for it to increase your chances [...]

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