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Women and girls experience health in unique ways. We navigate distinct phases during our lives, from menarche through menopause and beyond. Menarche, marked by the beginning of our menstrual periods, is the sign that our reproductive system is preparing for motherhood, while menopause marks the end of this phase in our lives, and we are no longer able to conceive naturally. We may encounter all kinds of health challenges, some that require medical intervention, others that will respond well to natural care. Choose from any of the articles in this category to learn more about different aspects of your health that can benefit from natural approaches.

Nourishing Yourself In Pregnancy

“When you’re pregnant you’re eating for two” is an old saying that deserves a closer look. Obviously, it doesn’t mean you should be eating twice as much as before. But let’s delve a bit into what’s different now and how to approach this important dimension of your journey to growing your family. These days, many [...]

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